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Benjamin Forrest Hanson was born the first son of Clinton and Marjorie (Northup) Hanson on 24 Sept, 1942. He married Maria Amparo Dacal Fernandez on 12/19/1965. There were two children: 1.) April Marjory and 2.) May Amparo. Ben and Maria were divorced on 12/19/1965. Ben remarried Patricia Ann Tanner on 4/10/1973. They had two more children: 3.) Hollie Su and 4.) Jason Benjamin.
Ben is retired from the Navy. Here, in Ben's own words, is the story of his life:

I am Benjamin F. Hanson; son of Clinton and Marjorie (Northup) Hanson (sister to Wesley, Vyron, Vera Mae, and Dean Northup) . Brother to Marlyce (Molly) Hanson, Tanner, Judy Hanson, Prohaska, Duane Hanson, and Arlan Hanson.
I was born in Fergus Falls, Minnesota Sept 24, 1942. I grew up on 3 dairy farms in Ottertail County, Minnesota. I Joined the Navy 2 months after my baby brother Arlan was born, spending the next 20 years and retiring in 1981. During my world travels I married twice, first to Maria Amparo Dacal Fernandez, Mother of Daughters April and May. After our divorce, I maried Patricia Ann Tanner; Mother of daughter Hollie and son Jason. We also divorced after 13 years.

I have recently gotten remarried to Jo Ann (Hodren) Martin on the 3rd of August 2004 (B. 7/7/47 in Roanoke, Virginia)
Pictures will be forth-coming when I get a scanner, or sent to Rick for the family tree. Kids and grand kids will be included.

My son Jason Benjamin is presently living in Denver, Colorado. I am presently the owner operator of a commercial fishing business on the northwestern shore of the Albmarle Sound in North Carolina.
I've worked in a shipyard, carpentry, then built the house I'm living in, Island maintenance, state highway dept as a machinest, Quit 6 years ago to start my own business, I'm now a fisher, Commercial Fishing and Crabbing. I Work from May till September. I own three boats, two for work one for pleasure. Collect junk, and boy do I got a bunch, two 66 Mustangs among all this JUNK. I love to hunt and fish, I must have the perfict job then, Right?

I love to camp, remote areas only, the further away from the hustle and bustle as possible. Deer season is from Sept till Jan 1, Duck and goose season Nov to March, fishing season is year around. I usually go deep sea fishing at least once a year. Last year we tagged and released a 400 lb Marlin. I mostly catch tuna up to 50 or so lbs, more or less. Oh yes, DEAR season stays open all year. If you don't believe that, the second liar around here hasn't got a chance.

Ben Hanson

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Ben Hanson Family

Children of Ben and Maria (Fernandez) Hanson

April Marjory born 10/9/66 M. 1.) Ron Joyner 11/21/85 Divorced ??
M. 2.) Teryl Todd 12/18/99
May Amparo born 10/25/67 M. Richard Edward Ashley 1-26-85

Children of Ben and Patricia Ann (Tanner) Hanson

Hollie Su Born 10/30/73 Married James Bear 4/7/90
Jason Benjamin Born 10/15/75

Pictures of Ben Hanson Family

Ben Hanson when he was a good lookin' youngster
Ben Hanson Photo Album
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